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Symbol used for pounds (lbs) especially with reference to flange rating e.g. 150# is understood to mean 150 lbs.

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A martensitic steel that hardens structurally during treatment which results in the achievement of considerable hardness.

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3.1B Certificates

Material Certificates as described in BS EN 10204 Metallic products. Types of inspection documents.

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A low carbon grade of 316 stainless steel.

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EU Directive 94/9/EC

EU Directive 94/9/EC - known as ATEX - covers equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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IEC 61508

International best practice standard concerning specification; design; installation; testing and maintenance of safety systems.

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IEC 61511

International standard detailing requirements for end users and integrators of safety instrumented systems.

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ISO 4406

ISO 4406 is a hydraulic cleanliness rating system based on the number of particles larger than 5 and 15 Ám in a 1-ml fluid sample.

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ISO 9001

A quality assurance standard issued by the International Organization for Standards.
Standard is titled; Quality systems - Model for quality assurance in design/development, production, installation and servicing.
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S660 - Settlement Rule

UK tax rule that aims to stop you passing income to someone else in the family or giving income or assets to someone else on the basis that you will have it back later in an effort to reduce your overall income tax bill.

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