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Highway Addresable Remote Transducer
Open protocol that supports two way digital communications for process measurement and control devices.
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A widely used nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy.
Offers excellent resistance to wet chlorine, hypochlorite bleach, ferric chloride and nitric acid.
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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
A potentially debilitating disorder resulting from prolonged exposure to vibration - specifically to the hands and forearms while using vibrating tools.
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Hazid - Hazard Identification

The process of identifying credible hazards for a Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA)

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Hazard and Operability Review

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A chemical compound that consists only of hydrogen (H) and carbon (C).
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Heating Value is defined as the amount of energy released when a fuel is burned completely in a steady-flow process and the products are returned to the state of the reactants.
The heating value is dependent on the phase of water/steam in the combustion products. If H2O is in liquid form the heating value is called HHV (Higher Heating Value).
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High Integrity Protective System - or sometimes High Integrity Protection System
An automatic safety system with a SIL level of 3 or more
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Helicopter Landing Officer

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Heavy Lift Vessel

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HMI - Human Machine Interface

A dated term superseded by SCADA

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Hot Work

This includes welding or the use of any flame or electric arc or the use of any equipment likely to cause heat or flame or spark.

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HP - High Pressure

Often used with reference to a utility or vent line e.g. HP air supply

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Hydraulic Power Unit

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Health Safety and Environment

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HSE - Health and Safety Executive

Authority responsible for the regulation of almost all the risks to health and safety arising from work activity in Britain.

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Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
Part of the Basic Offshore Induction and Emergency Training course where participants swim from an inverted helicopter submerged in a swimming pool.
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Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

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A pressure test of piping; pressure vessels or pressure-containing parts; usually performed by pressurising the internal volume with water.

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HYprotech SYStems process modeling software by AspenTech
Used for steady state simulation; design; performance monitoring; optimization and business planning for oil & gas production; gas processing and petroleum refining industries.
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