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NACE - North American Corrosion Engineers

Responsible for standard MR0175 outlining material requirements for sour applications

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An oil distillate. Naphta is an intermediate product between gasoline and kerosene.
It is known as a light product because of the low molecular weight of the hydrocarbons making it up.
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US National Aeronautical Society
Produced Hydraulic Fluid Cleanliness Standards NAS 1638 widely used for land based equipment.
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Hydraulic Cleanliness Toolbox Page

Natural Gas

Petroleum in gaseous form consisting of light hydrocarbons often found in association with oil.
Methane is the most dominant component.
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Navaid - NAVigation AID

Beacon; wave off light etc installed on a platform or rig to warn ship and aircraft of installation

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Nominal Bore
Term used when specifying a pipe size.
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Pipe Schedules


Norwegian Continental Shelf

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Non Destructive Examination e.g. magnetic particle inspection; x-ray etc

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Non Destructive Testing e.g. magnetic particle inspection; x-ray etc

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Leading US trade association which sets standards relating to electrically powered instrumentation.
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National Fire Prevention Association
North American non profit organisation
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NGL - Natural Gas Liquification

The name given to the process and the associated plant required to make Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

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National Insurance Contributions

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
A technology used for well logging - amongst other things it allows reservoir fluids (oil gas and water) to be measured.
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The Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association

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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

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Notified Body

Independent Testing Laboratory recognised to perform tests; audit quality systems and issue reports and certificates of conformity

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NOx - Nitrogen Oxides

The term used to describe the sum of nitric oxide (NO); nitric dioxide (NO2) and other oxides of nitrogen which play a major role in the formation of ozone.

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NPSH - Net Positive Suction Head

Minimum suction pressure required by a pump to prevent cavitation

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NPT - Normal Pressure and Temperature

NTP is used in many thermodynamic calculations and tabulations and is defined as 20 degrees Celsius and 1 atmosphere of pressure.

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NPV - Net Present Value

The cost of a product or system calculated in the present-day currency
Found by subtracting a projectís initial investment from the present value of the cash inflows discounted at a rate equal to the firmís cost of capital.
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NUI - Normally Unmanned Installation

Usually used with reference to satellite oil or gas platforms

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