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Oil and Gas

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Operating and Maintenance
Usually in reference to a contract or budget e.g. an O&M contract.
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Offshore Contractors Association

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Octane Number

A measurment of a fuel's resistance to spontaneous ignition.
The higher the octane number the greater fuel's resistance to spontaneous ignition.
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Original Equipment Manufacturer

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The International Association of Oil & Gas producers.
Formed in 1974 to develop effective communications between the upstream industry and the complex network of international regulators.
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Offshore Industry Liaison Committee
UK based Trades Union representing offshore workers.
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Offshore Installation Manager
The person in charge of a platform or rig.
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OLF - Norwegian Oil Industry Association

A professional body and employer's association for oil and supplier companies engaged in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries - a permanent inter-governmental organization currently made up of 11 oil producing and exporting countries.
Its aim is to co-ordinate and unify the petroleum policies of the Member Countries and to determine the best means for safeguarding their individual and collective interests.
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Term used to describe a company appointed by venture stake holders to take primary responsibility for day-to-day operations for a specific plant or activity.

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Operating Expenditure

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Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation
The UK's National Training Organisation for oil and gas extraction.
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The department of the US government with the responsibility to ensure safety and healthful work environments.
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The Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic - the OSPAR Convention.
It replaces the Oslo and Paris Conventions but decisions; recommendations and all other agreements adopted under those Conventions continue to be applicable.
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