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RAL Number

The RAL catalogue is an international color standard that defines colours according to numbers and names e.g. RAL7032 is a flinty grey colour.

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Risk Based Inspection

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The existence of more than one piece of equipment any of which could perform a given function.
These multiple pieces of equipment are used to help improve the reliability and availability of the system.
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A type of contract where contractor is re-imbursed for all time taken to carry out and complete the assignment.

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The closeness of agreement among repeated measurements of an output for the same value of input made under the same operating conditions over a period of time.

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The smallest change in input which produces a detectable change in output i.e. the smallest increment of change that can be detected by a measurement system.

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To change out the internals (bundle) of a compressor to alter its throughput capabilities.

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RF - Raised Face

Description of the mating face of a flange.

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RFI - Radio Frequency Interference

Noise induced upon signal wires by ambient radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation with the effect of obscuring an instrument signal.

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Request for Quotation

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RGIT Montrose are a provider of safety training.
The term - RGIT - has become synonymous with the offshore safety course - BOSIET.
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Guide to Offshore Working


Rectangular Hollow Section
Term used in structural steel work
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Steel or flexible pipe which transfer well fluids from the seabed to the surface.

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ROCE - Return On Capital Employed

The ratio of operating profits generated to the amount of operating capital invested.
In effect it is a measure of how productively a company manages its assets.
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ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle

An underwater robot

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RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury

Injury occurring from repeated physical movements which causes damage to tendons; nerves; muscles and other soft body tissues.
Repeated movements can be simple and not necessarily strenuous e.g. keyboard use etc.
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RTD - Resistance Temperature Detector

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) provide temperature measurement through changes in electrical resistance.

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RTJ - Ring Type Joint

Description of the mating face of a flange where the mating face has a machined groove into which the gasket is inserted.

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Remote Telemetry Unit

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