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Safety Alert Database and Information Exchange
Run by UK based Step Change
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Systems Analysis and Program Development
Software company based in Germany perhaps best known for their purchasing software suite.
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SAT - Site Acceptance Test

A test of equipment carried out at site following installation of equipment but prior to commissioning.

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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - A term commonly used to describe a PC based software package that allows operator control of a process from a PC and has the PC collecting and storing process information.
Often used with PLCs.
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Safety Critical Element

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scf - Standard Cubic Feet

Pronounced scuf - a measurement of gas e.g. 20 MMSCF/hr being 20 thousand cubic feet per hour

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Simultaneous Drilling & Production
A technique of drilling a new well on a platform while it continues to produce oil or gas.
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SEP - Sound Engineering Practice

PED classification whereby equipment is required to be designed and manufactured according to 'sound engineering practice'.
SEP equipment must not bear the CE mark.
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SEPA - Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Public body responsible for the protection of the environment in Scotland.

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SIL - Safety Integrity Level

A discrete level (1 to 4) for specifying the safety integrity requirements of the safety functions to be allocated to a loop.
SIL 4 being most onerous.
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SIL Ratings Toolbox Page

SME - Small to Medium Enterprise

Designation given to a UK company with less than 50 employees.

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Safety Management System

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Southern North Sea

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Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirements stipulate minimum equipment to be provided in liferafts.
Liferafts are provided on offshore installations, helicopters etc.
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Statement of Requirements

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A sour fluid is a fluid that contains hydrogen sulphide (H2S) at 10 ppm or more.

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Solenoid Operated Valve

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SOx - Sulphur Oxides

Sulphur oxide gases (principally Sulphur dioxide - SO2) are formed when fuel e.g. coal and oil; containing sulphur is burned.

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To spud a well - to start the actual drilling of a well.

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Standby Vessel

Rescue vessel that is always within 5 miles of the rig or platform.
Close standby i.e. closer than 5 miles is provided if activities on the asset increase the risk of man overboard.
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Cobalt based alloy commonly applied as coating to valve trims to provide high resistance to wear; corrosion and high temperatures.

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Step Change

An industry initiative to improve safety performance; awareness and behaviours throughout the UK oil and gas industry.

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The maximum stable flow and maximum head condition for a centrifugal compressor.

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Safety Training and Observation Programme
DuPont initiated scheme designed to create a culture of spotting potential hazards before they cause an accident.
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STP - Standard Pressure and Temperature

STP is used in many thermodynamic calculations and tabulations and is defined as 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atmosphere of pressure.

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The entire length of casing; tubing or drill pipe used in a drilling operation.

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An unstable operating condition when the flow through a compressor is decreased to the point that momentary flow reversals occur.
Can lead to major damage of compressor.
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Safe Working Load

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Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities and Threats
A technique employed for analysing a competitive situation or proposal.
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S660 - Settlement Rule

UK tax rule that aims to stop you passing income to someone else in the family or giving income or assets to someone else on the basis that you will have it back later in an effort to reduce your overall income tax bill.

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Check Your S660 status


Single Line Diagram
A schematic diagram showing the electrical connection from the main service entrance to all of the facility’s electrical distribution panels and electrical loads.
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