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An internet based tool used to track status of survival certs; medicals etc for UK offshore workers.

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VAT - Value Added Tax

A UK tax charged on products and services.

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Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm
Trade name which has become synonymous for all types of aspirating smoke detection systems.
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A thermal cracking process unit in a refinery used to break up large molecules into smaller ones.
It is applied to the residue of vacuum distillation as part of the overall conversion process.
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A measure of a fluid's resistance to flow.

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Volatile Organic Compound

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VPN - Virtual Private Network

The use of encryption to provide a secure connection through an otherwise insecure network e.g. typically the Internet.
The encryption may be performed by firewall software or possibly by routers.
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VSD - Variable Speed Drive

An electrical system that allows a motor to be controlled to run at different speeds.

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Vendor To Advise

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Notified Body based in Finland

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