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International Monitors at Work in Russian Gas Metering Stations

Gazprom International monitors admitted to Russian gas metering stations back on January 12 pursuant to a list presented by the European Commission are currently engaged in monitoring activities.

Francis Guyon (Gaz de France) and Michael Husken (E.ON, Germany) are at work at the Valujki and Sudja metering stations; Gerald Linke (E.ON, Germany), Clays Meyer (E.ON, Germany), Gennady Stetsenko (RWE Transgaz, Czech Rep.) at the Sokhranovka and Pisarevka metering stations; Christina Fenin (VNG, Germany) at the Platovo metering station.

In the dispatch room of Gazprom's Central Production and Dispatch Department in Moscow monitoring is being performed by Albert Grigorian (Gaz de France) and Catherine Sustek (European Commission). Ukrainian monitors have arrived only at the Sudja metering station Alexander Verbovoy and Yury Stupan (Ukrtransgaz) and the Pisarevka metering station Nikolai Bolkhovitin (Ukrtransgaz) and Mikhail Pozhidayev (Donbastransgaz). Ukraine's authorized monitors for other metering stations have not been provided to the Russian side.

Posted 13/01/09

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