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E.ON and Rotterdam Climate Initiative start joint development of CCS

E.ON E.ON Benelux and Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI) intend to provide E.ON's power station in Maasvlakte with a carbon capture and storage (CCS) system to cope with the environmentally harmful carbon dioxide emitted. For this purpose, a feasibility study is to be carried out. In the presence of the Dutch Economics Minister, Maria Van der Hoeven, E.ON Benelux and RCI today agreed to cooperate on this subject. The two parties are greatly interested in successfully developing the technology for removing, transporting and storing carbon dioxide. "With the aid of CCS our new, highly efficient coal-fired power stations will make a significant contribution to achieving our climate protection targets and halving carbon dioxide emissions from our power stations by 2030," said E.ON CEO Wulf Bernotat.

RCI, which likewise intends to cut carbon dioxide emissions by one half until 2025 compared with 1990, has identified the port with the construction site for the new E.ON power station in Maasvlakte as a suitable location: One of the criteria is proximity to CO2 storage capacities, for which RCI is responsible as part of an integrated infrastructure.

At its power station site in Maasvlakte E.ON has at its disposal good conditions for subsequently installing a CCS plant. At Rotterdam port, a new, highly efficient coal-fired power station is currently being built. Costing €1.2 billion, it will have an efficiency of approx. 46% and an installed capacity of 1,100 MW.

By separating, transporting and storing carbon dioxide, CCS enables opposing demands on energy generation to be reconciled in future: on the one hand, constantly rising energy needs worldwide and, on the other, global climate protection targets for sustainably lowering CO2 emissions. Low-carbon power generation, achieved with CCS technology and based on coal as an adequately available and affordable energy source, can thus remain a pillar of the future energy mix until climate-friendly and renewable energies are able to ensure reliable and affordable energy production on a broad basis. As the world's leader in this development sector, E.ON operates a sizeable fleet of CCS pilot plants and expects this technology to be used successfully on a major commercial scale from 2020 onwards.

Posted 25/02/09

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