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Wood Group Gas Turbine Services to Provide Operations & Maintenance Services for East Texas Electric Cooperative

Wood Group The Gas Turbine Services division ("GTS") of John Wood Group has been awarded a six-year operations & maintenance ("O&M") contract by East Texas Electric Cooperative ("ETEC") for its San Jacinto & Hardin Generating facilities. The new contract follows a turnkey project that was awarded to Wood Group GTS in 2008 for the construction and commissioning of both generating facilities, which are fully owned by ETEC. The O&M contract for both the facilities is valued at $13.9MM raising the total value of contracts with ETEC to approximately $80MM.

The O&M contract includes full care, custody & control of four General Electric Frame 7EA gas turbine generators operating in the two simple-cycle combustion turbine generating facilities. Each of the facilities, which are located approximately 60 miles apart in San Jacinto and Hardin Counties, Texas, consists of two General Electric Frame 7EA combustion turbine generators, which have a nominal rating of 75 MW per unit. The San Jacinto County facility is expected to commence operations in the third quarter of 2009, and the Hardin County facility is expected to be placed on line during the fourth quarter of the year. The Hardin County facility has been designed to allow remote operation from the San Jacinto County control room. The facilities will provide economical power to ETEC's members and to enhance the reliability of power in the East Texas region.

Mark Papworth, CEO, Wood Group GTS said, "We are very pleased to have been chosen as the O&M contractor for both the San Jacinto & Hardin projects".

GDS Associates Inc., the technical advisor for ETEC was charged with negotiating the contract on behalf of ETEC. Bruce Walter, P.E., of GDS Associates stated: "We have had a very cooperative working arrangement since Wood Group GTS first responded to ETEC's request for proposals and are very pleased with the highly qualified staff that Wood Group GTS has assembled for the project. Wood Group GTS has shown great flexibility in meeting changing project needs."

Posted 12/05/09

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