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BP Solar and RGE Energy AG Announce One of the World's Largest Solar Installations In Germany

BP Solar
RGE Energy AG is partnering with BP Solar in planning one of the world's largest solar projects. The large-scale PV installation with over 46 megawatt peak (MWp) will be built in Koethen, Saxony-Anhalt. Around 210,000 crystalline photovoltaic modules with an output of 220 watt peak each will be supplied by BP Solar and installed by RGE Energy AG.RGE Energy

Reyad Fezzani, CEO of BP Solar, and Elias Issa, CEO of RGE Energy AG, announced the news in Munich at 'Intersolar', the world's largest solar exhibition.

The project launch is planned for the third quarter of 2009, the approval procedure is being processed currently, and by the end of the year, all BP Solar modules are set to be installed.

The planned solar system will deliver around 43,000 megawatt hours per year of green electricity. This is enough to yearly supply about 11,500 four-people-households with electricity and to save around 25,600 tons of CO2 emissions.

The project in Koethen is part of a cooperation agreement between the two companies that covers the installation of solar projects totalling 66 megawatts (MW) output. In addition to Koethen, other projects planned include a 15 MW solar system at Eberswalde airport and an option for another 15 MW.

Due to the high quality project development standards that RGE Energy AG has demonstrated, BP Solar is offering a guarantee on yield for the solar modules it supplies. Until now this has been reserved for turn-key projects developed by BP Solar. If the system does not deliver the overall energy yields guaranteed by BP Solar, BP Solar will cover the difference on the basis of the currently valid feed-in tariff.

Posted 29/05/09

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