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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Development In Bombing Investigation

Encana logo EnCana has announced that it is very pleased to see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has advanced its investigation into the bombings of natural gas facilities near Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

"The RCMP has worked very hard on this investigation and we appreciate the tremendous efforts of its members.

"We also extend our sincere appreciation to the people of Dawson Creek and the surrounding communities, including Tomslake and Pouce Coupe, for their assistance and support of both the RCMP and EnCana.

"Our thanks also go to our employees and contractors for their tireless and professional work in the face of extremely trying circumstances over the past 15 months.

Given that this matter is now subject to possible criminal charges, EnCana will not comment on the investigation or the individuals involved."

EnCana hopes this development will begin to bring a measure of relief to the area residents and help restore the long-standing sense of neighbourly trust that has been a fundamental component of the fabric of the communities affected by these events.

Since October 2008, there have been series of explosions at EnCana sites near Dawson Creek, about 560 km northwest of Edmonton. After months of no explosions there were two incidents on 1 July and 4 July 2009 with attacks to pipelines in Pouce Coupe. These were followed by a letter allegedly written by the bomber to a Dawson Creek newspaper. In it, the author warned the attacks would "get a lot worse" unless EnCana began pulling its operations from the area within three months.

In the second letter linked to the EnCana attacks, the writer taunted the Mounties over an investigation that stalled earlier this year after several potential suspects were cleared. In late November, an investigation was launched after an EnCana sour gas leak was reported, forcing about a dozen people from their homes. There has been some speculation as to whether the Pouce Coupe-area leak was the bomber's work, but EnCana spokesman Alan Boras said the incident "was not at all related to the bombings. It was caused by sand erosion of the internal walls of a pipe", adding "It was caused by sand erosion of the internal walls of a pipe. That leak was a very rare incident,"

In an attempt to track down the bomber, Calgary-based EnCana announced in July it was doubling its reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the bomber. The reward currently stands at $1 million.

Published 08/01/2010

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