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PWP and Project Partners E.ON Secure £4.8m of Funding from the Carbon Trust's Marine Renewable Proving Fund

E.ON logo Pelamis Wave Power and project partners E.ON have secured £4.8m of funding from the UK government's Marine Renewable Proving Fund (MRPF). The MRPF is a government initiative managed by the Carbon Trust with funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) created with the intent of supporting the most promising technologies in the marine industry.

PRT - Orkney Max Carcas, PWP's Business Development Director, said "Pelamis Wave Power and our partners on this project E.ON, are delighted to have won such a significant award to support the manufacture, deployment and testing of our second generation Pelamis 'P2' machine. The P2 encompasses both our real at-sea operating experience with the first generation of machines, and a number of major technical innovations to improve manufacturability and enhance economic performance. The MRPF scheme represents a timely step-change in the levels and nature of support available from the UK Government, and is certain to both accelerate industry progress and to further cement the lead currently enjoyed by the sector in this country".

The first P2 machine is currently under construction at PWP's headquarters in Leith and will be deployed at the European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney, later this year. The project with E.ON is the UK's first commercial supply contract within the marine sector. The MRPF scheme will allow PWP to increase the scope and pace of trials planned for this machine.

Published 03/02/2010

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