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Mustang Selected by Woodside for Independent Review of Readiness for One of the World's Heaviest Floatovers

Wood Group North West Shelf Venture's Australian operator, Woodside Energy Ltd ("Woodside"), has selected Wood Group's Mustang to provide the independent assessment and verification of readiness for one of the world's heaviest open-water floatover installations, the North Rankin B (NRB) platform topsides, to be located on the North West Shelf of Australia.

The NRB topsides installation is significant and will break world records including the heaviest topsides (23,600t) to be floatover-installed on a steel jacket; and, at a depth of 126 meters (413 feet), the deepest open-water floatover steel jacket.

The NRB topsides is an integrated floatover deck which will be installed on the platform's steel jacket substructure. The NRB topsides will be transported to its final location on a 20 meter high Deck Support Frame such that the topsides is floatover installed on the top of the NRB jacket at an elevation of 28 meters. The floatover method eliminates the use of lifting operations and uses the transport barge itself as an installation barge. This eliminates the need for a crane vessel, which results in cost, scheduling and risk benefits.

The NRB platform will be similar in size to the existing North Rankin A (NRA) facility. Once installed, the NRB platform bridge-linked to the existing NRA platform will form the NR2 central processing complex.

The work commenced in January 2010.

Published 16/03/2010

Mustang provides services to the global oil, gas, chemical and manufacturing industries, specializing in design, engineering, procurement, project management and construction management and offers these services through its five business units: upstream oil and gas, pipeline, automation and control, refining and petrochemicals, and process & industrial. Mustang's ECO SolutionsTM group provides environmentally-oriented engineering and construction services to the LNG, carbon management, renewable fuels and power, and water resources markets. Mustang, a Wood Group company, has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and the Middle East.

Wood Group (John Wood Group PLC) is an international energy services company with approximately $5.0 bn sales, employing 28,000 people worldwide and operating in 50 countries. The Group has three businesses - Engineering & Production Facilities, Well Support, and Gas Turbine Services - providing a range of engineering, production support, maintenance management and industrial gas turbine overhaul and repair services to the oil & gas, and power generation industries worldwide.

North West Shelf Venture: Representing an investment of A$27 billion, the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Venture facilities constitute Australia's largest oil and gas resource development and currently account for more than 40 per cent of Australia's oil and gas production. The six participants in the North West Shelf Venture gas interests are BHP Billiton Petroleum (North West Shelf) Pty Ltd, BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd, Chevron Australian Pty Ltd, Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty Ltd, Shell Development (Australia) Pty Ltd and Woodside Energy Ltd, who is also Operator of the North West Shelf Venture's facilities.

Floatovers: The floatover method of integrating topsides with jackets or floating structures eliminates the use of lifting operations and uses the transport barge itself as an installation barge. This eliminates the need for a crane vessel, which results in benefits to cost, scheduling and risks.

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