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Helius Energy Granted Consent for Avonmouth Biomass Power Plant

Helius Energy plc, the company established to develop, install and operate biomass fired renewable electricity generation plants, welcomes today's consent, under Section 36 of The Electricity Act 1989, by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, for the construction of a 100MWe biomass-fuelled electricity generating station located at Avonmouth Dock, on the Bristol Channel.

The power station will produce enough renewable electricity for around 200,000 homes, and will save over 720,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year when compared to a similarly sized coal-fired power station. The electricity produced at the plant will be fed into the local electricity grid, and Helius has already secured grid access rights.

Dr Adrian Bowles, CEO of Helius Energy, welcomed the news, saying:

"We are pleased that the Avonmouth project has been granted consent by the Secretary of State and we look forward to producing renewable electricity from sustainably sourced biomass in Bristol. This consent builds on the success of our projects at Stallingborough and Rothes and will enable Helius Energy to play a crucial part in delivering a future energy supply which is reliable, renewable and sustainable."

The biomass power plant will require up to 850,000 tonnes of sustainably sourced feedstock each year, primarily wood-based material. Construction of the plant is expected to start following conclusion of the engineering procurement programme.

Published 26/03/2010

  • Helius Energy is a biomass energy development company delivering a portfolio of projects. Since the company's admission to AIM in January 2007, Helius has met its original targets.
  • Helius was established to develop, install and operate biomass fired renewable electricity generation plants. These will help meet the growing need for reliable power from renewable fuels that help to overcome the issues of climate change associated with fossil fuels like coal and oil.
  • Helius Energy is a responsible and ethical company and is totally committed to being a sustainable business. The company's Sustainability Policy is designed to ensure ecological, social and climate change impacts are minimised, particularly in its feedstock procurement, to ensure the business exceeds UK and EU targets associated with these areas.
  • Helius has the proven technical, development capability, management skills and resources required to address all the aspects necessary to achieve successful and commercial projects.
  • The company successfully developed a 65MWe power plant at Stallingborough, South Humberside which was sold at pre-construction stage to RWE Innogy. Helius also has a 7.2MWe project in Morayshire, centred on distillery residues for fuel. This 100MWe Avonmouth project represents the latest development in the Helius project pipeline.
  • Helius is currently considering a number of options to progress the scheme, including the participation of industrial and financial partners. Consent under Section 36 of The Electricity Act 1989 allows Helius Energy plc to progress the project at Avonmouth and more details of the scheme will be announced in due course.

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