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Westinghouse Announces Exclusive MOU With Czech Firm Metrostav

Westinghouse logo Westinghouse Electric Company today announces the signing of an important and exclusive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Czech company Metrostav a.s., in preparation for the potential construction of Westinghouse AP1000® nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic.

According to the agreement, Westinghouse and Metrostav will work together exclusively on areas of the development and submittal of the Westinghouse submission to CEZ for the completion of the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant based on AP1000 reactor technology. The MOU covers key aspects of the construction and project management scope for the project.

The agreement marks yet another milestone in Westinghouse's continuing activities to develop and subsequently deliver a valuable proposal to CEZ, for the construction of the AP1000 nuclear power plant at the Temelin site in the South Bohemian region of the country. It follows a similar exclusive MOU signed earlier with I&C Energo, and a non-exclusive MOU with Vitkovice a.s, both of them Czech companies.

Speaking for Westinghouse, the company's President for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region, Yves Brachet said:

"It gives me great pleasure to announce this exclusive agreement with another highly-respected and immensely capable Czech company. As we prepare to submit a formal proposal to CEZ this year for completion of the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant, it can clearly be seen that we are taking a series of important steps to make sure we have key elements of our delivery team and our supply chain in place to ensure that the project will be a success.

"Furthermore, while the government and CEZ have declared that localization cannot be a criteria in selecting the technology vendor in the tender process due to Czech and EU law, localization is at the heart of our approach to new nuclear plant construction. That is why we have the policy of "We Buy Where We Build" and this announcement is yet another demonstration of that approach in action."

Pavel Pilat, Metrostav a.s. Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executing Officer said:

"The Temelin project undoubtedly represents an immense opportunity for the Czech industry as well as for Metrostav. I am very pleased indeed to announce signing of this Memorandum with Westinghouse, the world leader in nuclear technology. I strongly believe that by joining our efforts with Westinghouse we can form a powerful team that will be successful in this tender."

Westinghouse Electric Company, a group company of Toshiba Corporation, is a pioneering nuclear energy company and is a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world. Westinghouse supplied the world's first PWR in 1957 in Shippingport, Pa., USA. Today, Westinghouse technology is the basis for approximately one-half of the world's operating nuclear plants, including 60 per cent of those in the United States.

Published 06/02/2012

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