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Vessel Nozzle Connections

Fabricated cyclindrical vessels are used widely for storing liquids. Inevitably this leads to engineers wanting to locate nozzles on the vessel e.g. electrical engineers may want to insert a tank heater, instrument engineers may want to install level instrumentation, and of course piping engineers will want to provide piping for filling and emptying. There are mechanical and fabrication constraints on how close to the edge of the vessel a nozzle can be located, consequently fabricated equipment engineers have come up with the following rules of thumb for locating nozzles;

Horizontal Vessels

vessel nozzle connections
For connections parrallel with the vessel wall, as depicted above, the angle between the axis of the connection and a line normal to the shell surface should not exceed 50°.

Dished Ends

The most common type of dished end on a vessel is an elliptical end. Nozzles in the elliptical ends of vessels should be avoided where possible. If it is not possible then no part of the nozzle should be closer than one tenth of the diameter of the vessel from the edge of the vessel.

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