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Demographics Report Finds Offshore Workers are Getting Younger

Average age of offshore workers is at its lowest and there are more people travelling offshore to work than at any other time in the last four years. These are the key findings of Oil & Gas UK's latest offshore workforce demographics report for 2009.
04/11/2010 More »

Chair of Helicopter Task Group Given Prestigious International Safety Award

Bob Keiller awarded the 2010 Carolita Kallaur Award by the IRF (International Regulators Forum) in recognition of his outstanding leadership as chair of the Helicopter Task Group.
21/10/2010 More »

Oil & Gas UK Welcomes Definitive Ruling on Working Time Directive

Oil & Gas UK today welcomed the ruling by the Court of Session that time off work enjoyed by UK offshore oil and gas workers more than meets the minimum legal amount of annual leave that employers must provide their employees.
19/10/2010 More »

Oil & Gas UK Comment on HSE Offshore Safety Statistics

Oil & Gas UK's health, safety and employment issues director Robert Paterson comments on the HSE's offshore safety statistics for 2009/2010.
24/08/2010 More »

Reflex Marine Sees Demand Grow Globally for TORO Crew Transfer Capsule

Recognised experts in marine personnel transfer, Reflex Marine, meets global demand for its TORO crew transfer capsule selling 30 across offshore Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and West Africa, Australia and America.
18/08/2010 More »

HMRC Issues Phone Call Scam Warning

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) warn taxpayers to be vigilant following reports that thieves are making phone calls pretending to be the taxman. Fraudsters inform taxpayers they are due a tax rebate, and ask for their bank card details over the phone.
12/08/2010 More »

Major Oil and Gas Event to be Held in Invergordon, Scotland

Key figures from the UK's oil sector will converge on Invergordon in Scotland next month to discuss ways to strengthen the industry's links between Aberdeen and the Highlands. The two-day networking and awareness event organised by leading energy and engineering organisation North Scotland Industries Group and will be held on June 8 and 9.
24/05/2010 More »

Grounded Helicopters Lead to Focus on Marine Alternatives

Expert in marine personnel transfer Reflex Marine experience a significant upturn in activity following the grounding of several helicopter flights to North Sea oil and gas platforms in the wake of the Iceland volcano. The continuing disruption to aviation services in Europe is having a major impact on offshore operators.
20/04/2010 More »

Reflex Marine Takes a Fresh Look at Evacuation and Emergency Preparedness

Reflex Marine, a global specialist in the safe transfer of personnel by crane, believes that recent changes in the energy industry suggests that the time could now be right for operators to reconsider their emergency evacuation options. New equipment and improved practices could provide greater flexibility in dealing with a wide range of threatening scenarios.
19/04/2010 More »

New Tax Penalties Begin to Bite from 1 April

Changes to align powers, deterrents and safeguards in the tax system will be introduced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from 1 April. Changes cover the following three key areas.
31/03/2010 More »

Offshore Industry Advisory Committee (OIAC) Workforce Involvement Group (WIG)

Two more worker involvement events to be run by the Offshore Industry Advisory Committee (OIAC) Workforce Involvement Group (WIG) Following the success of events held last year in Aberdeen and Norwich another couple of similar events are being run in March 2010.
02/03/2010 More »

The Business Inspector Gets Boost from HMRC

A new TV series - "The Business Inspector" - has been sponsored by the U.K.'s HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The programme will raise awareness among small businesses that they need to keep good records. The Business Inspector is a four-part series that will be broadcast weekly on Five at 8pm from 10 March 2010.
18/02/2010 More »

Oil & Gas UK: Business confidence improves in the UK oil and gas industry, but overall picture remains fragile

The Oil & Gas UK Index published today shows that business confidence appears to be returning to the UK oil and gas industry. The overall industry index rose by 6 points to 56 in the final quarter of last year from 50 in the previous quarter, suggesting that the sector, hit by low oil and gas prices and the freeze on access to capital in the earlier part of 2009, is emerging from the recession with more optimism than at any other point in the past 12 months.
10/02/2010 More »

Personal Locator Beacons

Oil & Gas UK confirm that personal locator beacons will be progressively reintroduced on North Sea helicopter flights from Monday, 8 February 2010. Reintroduction will take place on 3 consecutive weekends, with the Aberdeen hub being the first to receive the equipment on Monday, 8 February, followed by the Southern North Sea helicopter hubs and Scatsa in Shetland.
04/02/2010 More »

Helicopter Safety Awareness Courses Aim to Answer Workers' Concerns

Helicopter companies operating in the North Sea are due to deliver a series of educational courses this year to oil industry workers which aim to provide answers to concerns, educate on all aspects of offshore flight including safety procedures, and give the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes and meet key personnel such as pilots and engineers.
03/02/2010 More »

Health and Safety Executive Publish Underlying Causes of Offshore Incidents

The Offshore Safety Division of the Health and Safety Executive publishes report on underlying causes of offshore incidents: fatalities, major injuries and major dangerous occurrences.
25/01/2010 More »

Legislation to Give Britain's 1.3 Million Agency Workers Important New Rights Laid before U.K. Parliament

Legislation to give Britain's 1.3 million agency workers important new rights was laid before Parliament today. As agreed in 2008 by the TUC and CBI, the changes will give agency workers the right to the same pay, holidays and other basic working conditions as directly recruited staff after 12 weeks in a given job.
21/01/2010 More »

Oil & Gas UK: Statement on the Phased Reintroduction of Personal Locator Beacons by the UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Manufacturing delays, caused not least by the extreme weather conditions of the past few weeks, have meant that the phased reintroduction of the new personal locator beacons (PLBs) for use by the UK offshore oil and gas industry, will now take place early next month.
19/01/2010 More »

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