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Contractor News Archive: January to February 2006

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What Do You Know About Age Discrimination? ... The Proposals11/01/2006
There is currently an immense amount of talk about age discrimination, legislation of which is due to be implemented in October 2006. In fact, the employment world is buzzing with ideas, synopsis, talk and whispers of how this piece of controversial legislation will affect both the economy and employers. However, what do we really know about the exact rules and regulations that are being proposed?

IR35: Through a Glass Darkly25/01/2006
Those contractors who work through recruitment agencies tend to assume that the terms and conditions of their agency contracts are mirrored in the terms and conditions of the agency's contract with their client. However, as the contractor is not generally allowed to see the agency – client contract, the mirror image is merely an assumption. This may be an entirely logical assumption, but sadly it is not being borne out by the facts.

Contracting Under IR35: What's In A Name?09/02/2006
The Intermediaries Legislation, otherwise known as IR35, is six years old. Although there is much uncertainty over the statistics, it would appear that the Revenue have lost many more IR35 arguments than they have won. Of course, the IR35 apologists will say that its value lies in the additional tax revenue obtained from those contractors who have decided to avoid uncertainty and tick the box to say that they are caught. It must also be remembered, that even if the individual Status Inspector were to win only one IR35 dispute per year, because of the very substantial amount of tax liability typically at stake, the yield from just one victory would look good in his annual stats. However, there can be no doubt that a very large number of contractors have successfully defended their claim to operate outside of the IR35 regime.

Qdos Consulting Win Another Section 660A Dispute with HM Revenue & Customs09/02/2006
Qdos Consulting has won another Section 660A dispute with HM Revenue & Customs. This is despite the uncertainty surrounding the Settlements Legislation while the Revenue are in the process of petitioning the House of Lords for leave to appeal against the Court of Appeal judgement in the Arctic Systems case (Jones v Garnett). Qdos were successful in convincing the Revenue that even in cases where the Revenue firmly believes that there has been some sort of settlement between husband and wife, the arrangement is not necessarily bounteous.

Thinking of Selling Your Business?
TUPE and Notification of Employee Liability Information
Although the regulations have still not been finalised the DTI have very kindly issued guidance notes for when the regulations are in force, which should be from April 6th 2006. The new regulations are designed to clarify what a transfer is and when it occurs but it will still be dependent on the individual circumstances. However, they substantially increase the requirements in terms of notification of information to a transferee.

Nigerian Oil Union to Hold Meeting on Safety at Work23/02/2006
Nigerian oil unions representing thousands of oil workers to hold meeting to discuss their members' safety and whether its safe for them to go to work at individual companies, a union president said. The meeting comes after a recent wave of attacks on oil facilities by militants.

Holiday 2008:  What's Yours?28/02/2006
Mohamed Al Fayed plans to open hotel on North Sea oil platform. Two unidentified oil companies have signed up and approved the use of their platforms for the project in the Cromarty Firth.


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